Why the Arts Matter

Tiffany discusses data on why the arts matter to our communities, reflecting on 2020 and the road ahead.

The Girl in the Tower

The woman in this icon is a mysterious figure. Thought to have lived in the 3rd century, in present-day Lebanon, no reference was made to her until the 7th century and, even then, doubts continued to the present day. Yet hagiographies (biographies of the saints) continued to mention her, possibly filling in details of herContinue reading “The Girl in the Tower”

Dragon Slayer

Listen, lords, in bower and hall, I sing the wonderous birth Of brave St. George, whose valorous arm Rid monsters from the earth -“The Birth of St. George” as recorded by Thomas Percy in Reliques of Ancient English Poetry (1765) St. George is celebrated across Europe, hailed as a religious martyr, dragon-slayer, and knight inContinue reading “Dragon Slayer”


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