Hands-On History: Enduring Symbols of the Revolution

By Tommy Sullivan My name is Tommy Sullivan, and I am an undergraduate History student at WKU. I recently tagged along with some fellow History and Social Studies majors on a class trip to the Kentucky Museum and the Department of Library Special Collections. The visiting class, which is required for students in my department,Continue reading “Hands-On History: Enduring Symbols of the Revolution”

White Oak Gathering Event

The White Oak Gathering is the first program we will be having in conjunction with our upcoming White Oak Basket Exhibit! This event will take place on September 16th from 1-4:30PM and September 17th from 10AM-3PM. There will be basket making demonstrations and opportunities to meet Kentucky basket makers at this event! White Oak basketContinue reading “White Oak Gathering Event”

In Case You Missed It: Quilt Share Day

Last month our Kentucky Room was filled with visitors and quilters galore when we hosted a Quilt Share Day here at the museum! Quilters brought in one or two of their own quilts to be put on display for the viewing pleasure of visitors and other quilters. Visitors and quilters discussed modern topics in quilting,Continue reading “In Case You Missed It: Quilt Share Day”