Virtual Museum Resources to Use in Your Classroom

Educators! Did you know we have several virtual resources you can visit anytime and use in your classroom?

The following virtual exhibits provide additional resources for remote study, perfect for use with college and K-12 curricula. These exhibits and activities also make great ways to explore our museum from home, providing quality family time that makes learning fun!

Virtual Exhibits

Facing the Freshman Year: Essential Conversations This exhibit is designed to convey the stories of the freshman year, allowing authentic student voices to speak to the complexity of navigating the transition to higher education. Consult the “For Educators” options for writing prompts, exhibit text and more.

Gazing Deeply: The Art and Science of Mammoth Cave  Visit online exhibit page to look at the objects, stories, and involvement of WKU at Mammoth Cave National Park. Educational activities that can be utilized by WKU courses and K-12 students include:

Kentucky Women Rising will be a new physical exhibit at the KM, but for now enjoy content virtually with our new webpage. Kentucky women have been active in politics for over 200 years. Before and after the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote, they repeatedly sought to participate in political life and make their voices heard. Educational activities include:

  • Telling HERStory (downloadable Word activity, focused on historical biography and creative writing for grades 6-12 and college courses),
  • Viewing and discussing various videos in the exhibit on feminism’s history, and
  • Inviting students to take the Washington Post’s Feminist Typology Quiz and reflecting on their results.

Out of the Box In honor of our 80th anniversary, this exhibition showcases how historical artifacts, photos, and records tell multiple stories. Visit online exhibit page with object lessonsEducational activities include:

Seat at the Table: Kentucky Women in Office.This poster exhibit highlighting 11 women in KY’s political life will be on physical display at the Museum. The individual posters are available for viewing online. Exhibit sponsored by Wells Fargo. 

Stickwork/Highbrow This is an outdoor, easily accessible sculpture in front of the Kentucky Building. The impressive sculpture was made from interwoven tree saplings by nationally renowned artist Patrick Dougherty, with the assistance of local volunteers. Video of build.

Video Presentations

The History of the U.S. Senate Desk presentation. Olivia Bowers is an art history and studio art major, and has researched the US. Senate Clerk’s desk. Olivia’s presentation is part of a Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis project executed in conjunction with funds from the Faculty-Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE) Grant. Bowers’ written research and images are available online. Video of presentation available on the Museum’s YouTube.

Additionally, our WKU student docents give recorded tours of exhibits on our YouTube channel:

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