Salient Features Preview Night

My name is Gabby Hoffman and I am completing an independent study with the Kentucky Museum this semester. I am majoring in history and political science and hope to one day work in a museum.

Gabby Hoffman


Over the next few months, I will be learning about all aspects of museum work. In preparation for the work I will be doing over the semester, Education Curator Christy Spurlock turned over the Museum’s social media to me for the exhibit opening of Salient Features.

I had never done social media for an event like this before, so I was both nervous and excited. Posting to the Museum’s social media for this event allowed me to better understand all the hard work that goes in to an exhibit opening.

One of my favorite things about the exhibit opening was when Charles Brindley, the artist who created Salient Features, gave a gallery tour and explained his artwork. Hearing him discuss specific pieces was interesting and provided everyone with a better understanding of his work. Charles also explained his artistic process and why it took him several years to finish certain paintings.

2018.09.06_ salient features art opening _lewis-0216
Charles Brindley- -Photo by Clinton Lewis

Overall my first experience doing social media for the Kentucky Museum was positive and it also got me excited for all the other things I will get to do during this independent study.


2018.09.06_ salient features art opening _lewis-0156
Gabby posting to the Museum’s social media–Photo by Clinton Lewis

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