In Case You Missed It: Fall Break Camp

Wow, what a busy week we had here at the Kentucky Museum! Last week, we had both our Fall Break Camp and our first metalworking event, Hammer In.

We started off our Fall Break Camp with a visit to our Standing the Test of Time exhibit to find some inspiration for the many weaving activities that the campers would be doing throughout the week! They loved talking about what different baskets could be used for and how long it took to make the largest and smallest baskets in the exhibit.


To learn the basics of weaving themselves, the campers started off by weaving paper mats. Once they completed that, they wove a flower with yarn and then moved on to using natural materials. Everyone had their favorite projects. Some campers preferred learning about Cherokee weaving patterns and creating a small “fish bone” patterned wall hanging while others liked the freedom offered by an unplanned “random weave” basket.

While working on these projects, the campers learned about patterns and problem solving. Some even commented on the connection between weaving and math! Weaving also helped them understand the patience that is required for creating something and learning a new skill. Everyone worked through their frustrations to create a final product for each activity. Whether the activity followed a particular pattern or not, everyone’s work turned out different, and the campers thought these differences in style were valuable. We certainly had a smart, hardworking group of campers who were able to create some amazing pieces of art!

If you missed our Fall Break Camp this year, keep an eye out for our Spring Break Camp next year!

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