Field Trip to Felts House

by Gabby Hoffman, HIST 489 Cooperative Education/History

Students from Hart County came to visit the Felts House, and learn about what life was like for children their age in the early 19th century. In order to make sure the children had a great experience, WKU museum student docents dressed in 1810 style clothing, and led the children in several hands-on activities.  On this specialized field trip the children focused on open-hearth cooking  and frontier schooling. In the kitchen of the Felts House, the field trippers were able to make corn bread, butter, and their own individual candles.

This hands-on field trip helped the students to fully understand the daily lives and chores of Kentuckians 200 years ago. Along with learning about cooking and chores, the students also got a glimpse into what school would have been like for children in the Felts family. The students were given slates, slate pencils and hornbooks that school children on the frontier would have used. They were also each given a chance to write on piece of paper using a quill and ink. All of the field trippers loved being able to  participate in activities and feeling, if just for a little while, like children from another century . As a history student myself, it is always rewarding  to see young students so excited to learn about Kentucky history!


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