We have a Podcast!

The Kentucky Museum is thrilled to announce that we now have a podcast series, Dime Stories.

Dime Stories is a podcast dedicated to exploring the unique art, history, and culture of South Central Kentucky. Each season, we will present six episodes on a specific theme – from women in politics to blacksmithing traditions to in-depth looks at topics found in exhibitions at the Kentucky Museum. We’ll hear from experts in our community.

So why call it Dime Stories? First, each episode will be short – no more than five minutes, to enable you – our listeners – to get a quick dose of art, history, and culture. Second, and more importantly, our title is based on how our home, the Kentucky Building at Western Kentucky University, was founded. You can learn more about that story in our first episode, which is now live on Anchor and will soon be on all major podcasting platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Upcoming episodes for Season 1, which focuses on Journey to the Vote, include:

  • “The 15th and 19th Amendments” with Dr. Saundra Ardrey
  • “Journey to the Vote and Black Lives Matter” with Dr. Saundra Ardrey
  • “Pistol Packin’ Pearl Carter Pace”
  • “Georgia Davis Powers and the Fight for Equal Justice” with Dr. Anne Onyekwuluje
  • “Being a Black Woman in Politics” with Former Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton
  • “Why Diversity Matters” with Representative Patti Minter

Future seasons will explore topics related to the Museum’s annual Hammer-In, Gazing Deeply: The Art & Science of Mammoth Cave exhibition, and artworks created by African American Kentuckians held in the Museum’s collection.

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