Close Study Sessions Bring History Alive

Each semester, we provide a variety of Close Study of Collections sessions for WKU students. These sessions directly integrate primary sources – documents, photographs, art, and artifacts – with each course’s unique needs.

New this academic year, we welcomed Dr. John Conley’s English 100 class for a close study of Jonesville, which was an African-American community that occupied what is now WKU’s campus. Historical marker 2052 stands in commemoration of Jonesville.

Jonesville close study
Jonathan Jeffrey, Department Head of Library Special Collections, presents to Dr. Conley’s class about Jonesville, reading selections from Library Special Collections.

One of our most popular Close Study of Collections focuses on artifacts, memorabilia, and documents from the World Wars. Students of World History and Military History visit the museum during the last few weeks of each semester to view the collections and talk with Sandy Staebell (Registrar/Collections Curator) and Jonathan Jeffrey (Department Head, Library Special Collections). In Fall 2019, we welcomed 426 students over the course of two weeks.

Jonathan Jeffrey, Department Head of Library Special Collections, discusses World War posters with Friends members on November 21, 2019.

On November 21, 2019, we were thrilled to present our first Members Close Study Session, which welcomed 10 of our members to view and discuss artifacts related to World War I and World War II. Jonathan Jeffrey, Department Head of Library Special Collections, and Sandy Staebell, Registrar/Collections Curator, showcased artifacts that WKU classes utilize to learn about the world wars. Their discussions included input from members who remember the wars, how close study sessions benefit the students, and stories about what students do – and do not – recognize. It was a fun evening of comradery, learning, and laughter.

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