The Girl in the Tower

The woman in this icon is a mysterious figure. Thought to have lived in the 3rd century, in present-day Lebanon, no reference was made to her until the 7th century and, even then, doubts continued to the present day. Yet hagiographies (biographies of the saints) continued to mention her, possibly filling in details of herContinue reading “The Girl in the Tower”

Remembering President Kennedy

On this day, sixty years ago, the youngest man was elected to our nation’s highest office. His name was John F. Kennedy. John was a born-and-bred American, of Irish descent, who had been educated at Harvard and served in the United States’s Navy in World War II. In 1943, when his PT boat was rammedContinue reading “Remembering President Kennedy”

She’s Got Style

History suggests that as “big business” started to take hold in the late 1800s, women became more involved in business and working outside the home. However, few women owned companies. Those that did were in industries centered on women, such as home goods, apparel, or personal care. Today, women own only 40% of businesses inContinue reading “She’s Got Style”

Remembering “A Culture Carried”

“…Everybody’s story is unique, we all have our own individual stories…” Denis Hodžić, 2016 Three years ago, the Kentucky Museum and Kentucky Folklife Program debuted A Culture Carried: Bosnians in Bowling Green (Kulturno naslijeđe Bosanci u Bowling Green-u). This exhibition explored the experiences, culture, and arts of Bosnians and Bosnian Americans living in Bowling Green,Continue reading “Remembering “A Culture Carried””